Dominic Escalante

Profile Updated: August 22, 2008
Residing In Spring Valley, CA USA
Spouse/Partner Josie
Occupation Painting Contractor
Children Emily 5, Abby 4, Dominic 2

What have you been up to the past 20 years?

I thought I'd change my comments after I see the Bio's getting typed.

My story is this. Graduated high school "barely". Became friends with my arch nemisis Toby Salgado. Good thing I did'nt kick his Ass in high school, he might not have been able to forgive him self. Became a Correctional officer in Madera for 4 years. Moved out with Philip B., J.Groot, and Paul D., the move with these guys and friendship with Toby. Best thing I ever did. Thanks guys. Who knows where my life would of ended up otherwise. They inspired me to go to college (Fresno City). Completed first two years in 4 then had to make a decision stay in Fresno or Move on. I became a traveling man and moved to San Diego, primarily because Toby and Steve Rowe were living in S.D. I Lived on the Beach (South Mission and Del Mar) for my first year with Steve. Met my wife a year after starting my second year at SDSU. AFter graduating traveled to Europe solo for a little over a month Spain,France,Italy,Greece,Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Amsterdam. Everywhere I went seemed like I knew someone athough I just met them. I only keep in limited contact with one person I met. Came back to San Diego to my then girl friend Josie. Got Married in 2000. I worked a couple of different post college jobs until I decided to start my own Paint contracting company (San Diego Custom Painting. Call me if you need paint work. That was 9 years ago. Since then got married bought a house sold it bought another, had three kids. Two girls Emily 5 1/2 and Abby 4 1/2 then came baby Dominic 2 1/2. I'm lucky to have'em. I'm also lucky to have friends like I do and its all so very cool! Can't see my friends as often as I'd like but they are part of my extended family. I just seem to hold on like that! That's about it! Oh yeah I can't stand excuses, people that stink, complainers, arrogance, slackers, or negative people.

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